Troja brands



From the time of the old markets (bazaars), which in the 18th century were places of gatherings, conversations and places where advanced ideas were born, restaurants were an important part of social life of a community. Restaurants are places of tradition in which there was celebrated and sorrowed together, and were shared happy and less happy moments and timeless wisdom. Our generation has continued the tradition. In 2004, the restaurant „Troja„ (Troy) was created by combining the spirit of antiquity and modern times, the traditional recipes and hospitality with the modern offer.

The love and dedication to hospitality have made the venue of gathering of the local community in which people come together to enjoy (original idea) an internationally recognized place where traditional offerings are enjoyed in the contemporary environment. Every part of our restaurant is handmade. We made each piece of furniture by ourselves. And with that, we have woven our own seal for new generations.

Today, „Troja“ is a non-bypassable place to strengthen existing friendships and make new ones. We are proud of the fact that we can host over 1,200 people at our restaurant, participate in their festivities and look forward to seeing them again.